Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PARASHAT TZAV: Lev. 6:1ff. - Comments and Questions

Video Welcome Message


Dear Friends, Shalom!

A few years ago we experimented with an online Torah study forum to complement our weekly Shabbat morning gathering. By migrating our online forum to this site we hope to maximize the use of interactive tools and video.

Our proposal is to present a weekly video message followed by online discussion. Each week we'll post a rabbi's short message on themes drawn from parashat ha-shavua (the weekly Torah portion). Links to online commentary may be provided where relevant.

Then an online discussion can ensue in the "comments" section.

A similar weekly video message will also be posted on the Facebook home page of Rabbi Blake shortly before sundown on Friday. This message can be seen only by participants with a Facebook account.

Tze u-l'mad: Happy Studying!

Rabbi Jonathan Blake
Westchester Reform Temple
Scarsdale, New York